Search Engines Are Not the Gate Keepers of Internet Marketing

Search TrafficFor many marketing courses “traffic” is usually synonymous with search engine optimization and it’s often the sole focus in that area. SEO focuses on ranking your page high in Google; people searching for certain information are more likely to click one of the results on the first page rather than flip through pages. The idea is that you need to lay out your content in a certain way with certain keywords that results in search providers showing your website as the best match to their customers query, and then you’ll be able to obtain that traffic from search engines for free.

Not that you don’t want to be acquiring search traffic like this as you most certainly do, however, by placing such a strong emphasis on search engine traffic generation, you’re going to miss out on a lot of diversified referral traffic that can make your marketing campaign profitable in much less time than it takes for Google to send you visitors.

Search engine optimization should be a part of your long term goals, but it shouldn’t be your sole focus though as search algorithms are constantly changing. Unless you are constantly adapting your SEO, it can’t be a stable source of traffic.

Stable traffic is obtained by brand awareness or consistent marketing if it’s a niche website you’re working on.

Here is a short list of traffic generation methods you can use to bring traffic to your website:

  • Guest blog posting
  • Article Marketing
  • Content Syndication
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing and solo ad swaps

None of the above mentioned methods rely solely on performing SEO on your own website. Take guest blog posting for example; that’s just networking with sites in the same or similar field. You can tap existing blogs for a percentage of their traffic by placing a link to your website in your guest blog post.

Placing a link to your own website when you are writing guest blogs has a fairly pleasant long term side effect; it helps with your long term goal of obtaining search traffic through the back-link that it provides. Be careful with keyword rich anchor text though, since search engines could mistake repetitive instances of the same keyword pointing to your website for illegal rank building actions. Keyword rich anchor text is a link that has specific keywords you want to target. Used in moderation, it’s a powerful tool to help you gain rank.

Here’s an example: if you wanted to rank your site for the term “credit repair guide”, then you would build your links with that keyword phrase linking to your website. That tells search engines that the phrase is what you’re site is about and therefore helps to position you for that term.

For best results, build your backlinks with a variety of phrases to diversify your backlink profile. That way you don’t have all your links with the same keyword. If you fail to show diversity, you can find yourself running into problems with the search provider’s terms of service of unnatural link building.

The main goal of guest posting is to get traffic to your website site as a ripple effect of the traffic your guesting blog is generating. By supplementing your post with anchor text backlinks, you’d be making the most out of it and augmenting your existing SEO strategies.

Solo ad swaps is what you do when you make an agreement with fellow website owners who have a list of subscribers. They could mail their subscribers with your message, and help you grow your email list. This is done either by exchange (you emailing your subscribers with their ad), or by paying them a small fee.

There are services that can be used to help verify the legitimacy of subscribers you’re accessing. Making and agreement without such a service can spiral downwards fairly quickly, especially if you’re paying for your potential leads. Some people say they can give you x amount of leads when in fact, their list is really inactive. You can end up spending money that doesn’t yield any significant return on your investment. You shouldn’t go into this market without sufficient knowledge of how to proceed; there’s a steep learning curve to email marketing for lead generation.

Content syndication is another method that can be extremely beneficial to your marketing campaign. There are article directories that you can use to have your content picked up and syndicated, but you could also find some paid services that help promise to spread your content far and wide across the net to get the most out of each piece of content you submit.

The only thing to be aware of when syndicating your material is that your article has anchor text keywords as well as full URLs; sometimes website authors don’t automatically provide anchor text backlinks. If you aren’t aware of it, you could be wasting your energy and not getting any benefit from referral traffic. By providing a full URL of your website, anyone who reads your content will be able to find your site easily.

Now onto the new craze: video marketing! A YouTube channel is a great advantage to your marketing as it taps into the second largest search engine that people use. Besides using Google search for information, a lot of people prefer to watch a video instead and use the YouTube search feature to find information they need, especially when it comes to comparing products.

Since videos are often listed in the first page of a Google search, you could have a double advantage to using video marketing.

The best thing about diversifying your traffic is that it eventually leads to improved organic search performance for a variety of keyword phrases that are deemed relevant to your site. The range of traffic that comes in, including the increased social activity from social media sites and comments on your site, will help establish your site as a credible source for information and therefore improve your listings in the organic search results.

Should anything happen that decreases your search engine traffic; you’ll always have a range of other places sending traffic over to you.

Stable traffic is a lot better than search traffic as you don’t have to be constantly on guard of your search positions and tweaking your SEO campaigns to retain and improve on the visits your site receives.