Monetize your blog

The thing you least want when you have a blog is to sit all day and all night in front of the computer waiting for the next visitor to come by or for the next inbound link to be generated. There are ways in which this can be averted, and in fact you can enjoy your personal life while the blog is working for you, with a little help from the World Wide Web. In what follows, you can read about ways in which you can monetize your blog and make it produce income for you in more or less automatic ways.


Get Pay-Per-Click

One way of making money with your blog is to contract pay-per-click advertisement. What this entails is placing links to advertisers who are willing to pay every time their link is clicked on your blog. A significant advantage of this method is that you can actually use the advertiser’s name and profile to improve your own traffic. The keywords that the advertiser goes by do not have to be the keywords of your own blog; which means that the pool of relevant keywords is enriched without you having to worry about SEO infringements (such as word stuffing). With this method, you have quick results, and can easily change the characteristics of your ads, budget, and landing pages, any time you think the campaign you’ve started doesn’t yield the hoped-for results.


Affiliate marketing

Links placed on your blog page can also take the shape of affiliate marketing. At its very core, this method is based on your willingness to promote the interest of a company, whose owner promises to pay you back for the service. How high or how low the payment is depends on the negotiations that precede the signing of the business agreement between the parties. All you need in order to launch your blog into this kind of enterprise is advertising space. So it is highly advisable that you create a blog that is clean and well structured, and where the posts are clearly delimited from ad space. You need to make sure that the links are placed in visible spots; otherwise the merchant may not be so happy to collaborate with you. Of course, the risk of not getting paid is always there. But don’t take this to heart and punish yourself for having started an online business. Things like this happen a lot more often in real life, even when people have physically met a number of times. But keep an eye on what’s going on. A decent amount of suspicion, especially when you are in the incipient phases of the collaboration, won’t do any harm. Setting up milestones that are not too far apart from each other might give you the reassurance that you are not being ripped off.


Things you can do yourself

Relying on someone who is paying you may not be the most risk-free method in the world. For that reason, it might pay to do a few things yourself to better the chances of financial gains with your blog. For instance, you might be interested in promoting your own stuff. No matter what the profile of your blog is, it is relatively easy to manufacture artifacts bearing your brand. T-shirts and mugs are already the hallmark of this method of monetization. Even if the orders don’t come rushing to your blog, the products are always there, and you don’t have to do anything to maintain them in the place where they can be seen. And in order to avoid overstocking on these objects, you can, of course, advertise them as made-to-order merchandise.

Of all available strategies, maybe the most important thing you can do is attract as many viewers as possible. In saying that, a word of caution also deserves to be said: do not over-optimize your blog, with word stuffing and the likes. Not only do you risk diminishing the pool of visitors, but you are also in danger of being told off by the search engine. As usual, everything is good in moderation.