What Is The Flaw In The Google Instant?

Google Instant is a search feature of Google that shows results as you type a query longer than a single word and search results are shown even before you finish typing it. This feature makes search easier and its feature which suggest new results brings it to be more resourceful. People would normally see results which they never thought about at the beginning of the search. Looking at Google Instant with the users point of view it is

Google Instant

Google Instant

a really user friendly and useful feature that Google has introduced. But with the average advertiser’s point of view, it has not been so useful. A problem has been viewed by many in Google Instant. The search results that Google Instant displays disappears in a fraction of a second as you begin typing the next word and the search results that appeared before are lost even before the user has a chance to click upon it..

The actual problem here is that Google Instant is eating up the results before the user gets time to view the page resulting in decreasing of the CTR because nobody would click on the ads. So what that actually means is that you have to pay more for a feature which Google uses to increase its own appeal. The Click Through Ratio (CTR) is the ratio of the number of times your advertisement was shown to the number of times it was clicked by the user. So if your advertisement was shown a 100 times and the user clicked it for twice then the CTR for that ad would be 2%.

As you type Google Instant shows you many results and search results but these disappear in a fraction of a second as soon as you begin to type the next word before you have enough time to click on the results that appeared before. When you have finished typing your keywords you finally have a screen where you have enough time to take a good look at. But these results survived at the cost of some wasted impressions along the way. Google does not give infinite impressions. The number of impressions is directly proportional to bidding. Thus the advertiser is having to pay for it. Google does not have a timer which records data like the impression that lasts for less than say five seconds would not count as an impression. Even if there exists a timer or something of that sort, the CTR would still be much lower with Google Instant than without it.

There has been a question as to how to turn off the disturbing blue arrow off in Google Help forums? The nearest answer would be to go to Google search settings and in Google preferences – go to Google instant and select – ‘Do not use Google instant’. This would do away with the disturbing blue arrow. However if it had to stop advertisers adversely, everybody would have had to turn it off and that is simply not possible, is it?

A question has arisen that; “Will Google Instant have a lasting impact on Search Engine Optimization?” Well, over time it might well have an impact. People might discover newer ways to search results over time. It is a fact that with Google Instant searching has become easier and it has become fun. People find different results when they started off searching for something quite different and it really is a good and helpful feature. However there is also no denying the fact Google Instant has hit the advertisers adversely. They are having to pay for something which brings no benefit for them. It is time that Google should take note of it and rectify the flaw in Google Instant.